Alma ∞ Omega dedicates her life to weaving the succulent strands of Music, Dance, Embodiment, Connection & Community as an offering of joy & purpose. With the wide-spectrum of her creative-soul-driven offerings, her drive is to serve the (collective/individual) healing of the past, help midwife the emergent-juicy-present of transformative-cultures, all while keeping in mind the wider vision, for future generations to come.

Whether it be at a DIY festival, an embodied-dance-meditation, a Medicine Temple, or a Grief-tending ritual, I love being part of human beings coming together to share our gifts, elevate one another, express our joys and struggles, and celebrate what it means to be human and alive.

These are truly dynamic times we are living in, and we have the rich potential, resources and soul-mission to rise and evolve TOGETHER…


In a 3D space on Planet Earth

∞ Upcoming Portals of Musik, Dance, Transformation & Community ∞

I feel truly grateful to be weaving my (he)ART and passion and medicines in these portals…what a time to be alive.

7-9 June: Yoga United Festival, Lover & Leaders Stage, DE, EMBODYING LOVE: Dance Ritual

20 June Pura Vida Festival: Wir Bauen Zukunft, DE: Opening the Portal | Crossing the Threshold, Dance Ritual DJ Set

22.June: Celebrating Life: Singularity Rally, Berlin, DE, DJ Set/Music Transmission

29 June: Ecstatic Dance Paris, France, DJ Set

5 July: Tanz Portal w/ DJ Aniketa, Freiburg, DE, Ritual DJ Set

10 July/4 September: Ecstatic Wildness, Munich, DE, DJ Set

25-28 July: Planet Magika @ Taka Tuka Island, Hungary: Cacao Womb-Tech-Set & Grief Tending Temple

14-18 August: Medicine Festival, UK: Sacred Grove Ritual Space Holding

23-30 August: Touch and Play, Nature Community, DE: Embodied Grief Temple & Open Floor Dance Lab



Photo by Maxiliane Wittek


Ecstatic Dance Bremen

Blessed to be playing in this epic church for this epic community

Mindful Soirée N°1 - Community, Drinks & Music

An open Evening for Berlins Conscious Community.
For more Connections and Togetherness.
No Workshop. No Doing. Just Being.

Yoga United Festival, Lover & Leaders Stage

EMBODYING LOVE: Dance Ritual Prayer

Celebrating Life - Singularity Rally 22 June

Welcome to a radically new kind of political rally.

One sourced in unity, purpose, prayer, and dance.

Pura Vida Festival Retreat 2024

Super blessed to be offering the Opening Ritual & Set:

Opening the Portal | Crossing the Threshold, Dance Ritual DJ Set

💎 TANZ Portal ~ Freiburg 5 July

 ~ A deep dance Journey back to ourselves and to all of Life 💎 With Ritual Musical Devotion by DJ Aniketa & DJ Alma Omega

Opening the Portal | Crossing the Threshold, Dance Ritual DJ Set

Ecstatic Wildness Munich: 10 July & 4 September

Super blessed to be returning to this soulful community in Munich TWICE this upcoming season!!

Opening the Portal | Crossing the Threshold, Dance Ritual DJ Set

Touch & Play Germany: True or False

Super blessed to be offering both an Open Floor Embodied Dance Lab & Grief Temple @ Touch and Play

"When the old forms of a culture are dying, the new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure" -- Rudolf Bahro


Intentional spaces, dancing in the direction of Unity-Community

It is my great joy and honor to build bridges between (sub-)cultures, between the so-called-sacred & the so-called-profane, and melt those dualities into juicy, magical oneness…through music, art, rituals & paradigm-shifting celebrations…

The power of movement, the freedom of expression, the truth of our body’s wisdom, and the beauty of authenticity are the pillars of my joy and work…Re-establishing our connection to Earth’s wisdom and the Divine Mystery–INSIDE the cells of our human bodies & cracks of crumbling cultures–is the mission found inside the cells of my heart & soul.

A Dream you Dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.

–Yoko Ono

The healing of humanity and the building of a new Story

“…will embody and validate marginalized parts of life, the things we neglect in the rush and press of modernity: qualities of spontaneity, patience, slowness, sensuality, and play. Beware of any revolution that doesn’t embody these qualities: it may be no revolution at all.”

— Charles Eisenstein “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible”

Connect - Vibe - Love