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Maegan Gorbett
Borodinstrasse 8
13088 Berlin
E-Mail: booking@alma-omega.world
Tel.: 0151 7500 2422
FAX: 030 1234567890
Geschaftsfuhrer/EinzelUnternehmer:  Maegan Gorbett
Amtsgericht Berlin Weisensee

USt-ID-Nr: 135.313.01448

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Customized For Every Traveller

By co-creating spaces in 3D reality for humans to come together: in the spirit of awakening, celebration, elevation & evolution.. spaces where we can collectively mid-wife the New-Paradigm together…
By blending boundaries in (sub) cultures, tapping into the humanity that connects us all, while celebrating the unique mission of each soul, taking up our unique power, space and mission…
By following the whispers of our (he)Arts, the roar of our souls, and the love of a path ever-unfolding, into the unknown.

Connect - Vibe - Love